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“After Hours” is the second release by Vibes Alive, on Swingding Records. Vibist Dirk Richter and guitarist Randall Crissman continue their collaboration as Vibes Alive, accompanied by an all-star cast of guest musicians including Jeff Lorber, Luis Conte, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jimmy Johnson, Gary Meek, Bob Summers and Putter Smith. (more)

Vibes Alive - After Hours

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Vibes Alive’s self titled debut album. Featuring Dirk Richter, Randall Crissman, Jeff Lorber, Luis Conte, Jimmy Haslip, Jimmy Johnson, John Pena, Larry Koonse, Will Kenedy, John Robinson, Walfredo Reyes, Carlos Vega. (more)

Vibes Alive - Vibes Alive

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