After Hours – SD0001

After Hours” is the second release by Vibes Alive, on Swingding Records. Vibist Dirk Richter and guitarist Randall Crissman continue their collaboration as Vibes Alive, accompanied by an all-star cast of guest musicians including Jeff Lorber, Luis Conte, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jimmy Johnson, Gary Meek, Bob Summers and Putter Smith.

The collection of tunes in After Hours is a tapestry of kinetic exchanges between an incredible cast of musicians. These sessions capture the essence and spirit of the music in its most uninhibited form. A master conductor, Richter uses the vibes as a paintbrush that accentuates the communication between each gifted artist. According to Richter, it’s all about “going back to the basics of creating tasty music where rhythm and tonality are the flavor.” It’s about making music with heart.

1. Lighthouse (4:21)
2. After Hours (3:56)
3. Hard to Say Goodbye (3:24)
4. Lunch Truck (3:46)
5. Open Door (4:03)

6. Sambahia (4:12)
7. In the Garden (4:01)
8. Bright Lights (4:55)
9. Magnolia (4:27)
10. Walk Away (3:32)
11. Blew Blues (3:31)

Written and arranged by Dirk Richter and Randall Crissman
Produced by Randall Crissman

Vibes Alive - After Hours

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